Compliance teams are lean. Most Chief Compliance Officers and General Counsels don't have on hand the resources required to quickly execute some labor-intensive compliance efforts. Until recently, there were few options available that understood compliance and were able to do a lot of work fast without paying the high rates of national law firms or big-four consulting firms.

  • Corrective action plan implementation; 
  • Training material creation; 
  • Process mapping;
  • Policy and procedure documentation;
  • Compliance risk due diligence document review for mergers & acquisitions;
  • Compliance audit document review; or
  • Anything that you need done to make your compliance programs more effective.

Focused on Compliance

We speak the language of compliance. ComplyEthic is focused on having the talent and processes needed for compliance projects, rather than on litigation or public accounting. Founded by a compliance professional with over a decade of experience within a complex, publicly-traded company, we have the experience to understand where you are coming from and anticipate your needs in project deliverables.


No Project Too Big or Too Small

ComplyEthic Works projects are managed by ComplyEthic to minimize the time and expense needed to bring on resources to your project and deliver the results you need. ComplyEthic has a nationwide network of attorneys and compliance consultants who are engaged according to the complexity and scale of any project. In-house compliance teams are lean, with little bandwidth available to train and on-board new resources.


Flat-Rate Fees

We prefer being paid for results, not for hours sitting in an office. Hourly-rate billing makes estimating your budget difficult, sometimes impossible, and that makes getting the budget for compliance harder. We believe flat-rate fee arrangements incentivize us to invest in efficiency and the production of high quality work. Flat-rate billing makes budgeting clearer for you, and allows us to invest in a better client experience.

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