One Wicked Month: Harvey, Irma, Maria & Earthquakes. More with Chloe Demrovski!

The U.S. government estimates that ~40 percent of small companies never reopen after a weather-related disaster, so how will the vulnerability of Houston area companies, 99 percent of which are considered small businesses, impact the global supply chain long-term? Moreover, will Hurricane Irma hitting the Southeast so close to Hurricane Harvey’s devastation make the outcome even worse? 

As global weather events rankle major markets and disrupt the transportation of goods, Chloe Demrovsky, President and CEO of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International is available to speak with you or your team regarding: 

Impact of a region’s rate of recovery on the recovery of area companies and supply chains  
What can/should businesses that have lost part of their supply chain do
Relationship between personnel policies (i.e., telecommuting) and supply chain resiliency
Supply chain lessons learned from the global spate of weather-related disasters

About Chloe Demrovsky

Chloe is an expert in business continuity, a graduate-level professor at NYU, and a Certified Business Continuity Vendor (CBCV). She is well regarded as a leader in business resiliency and has presented at dozens of events across four continents, conducted on-site briefings for foreign government officials and government bodies on resiliency and recovery. 

  About DRI International

DRI International helps organizations prepare for and recover from disasters. The organization is focused on education and accreditation business continuity and related fields. DRI-accredited professionals are on the ground in Texas making sure people are safe and helping them get back to business. 


Chloe Demrovski, CEO, DRI International   

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