Uber Scandal Started with Blog Post; What Does This Say About Crisis? Tom Fox Explains.

Tom Fox is the Compliance Evangelist™. He has practiced law in Houston for 34 years. He was most recently the General Counsel at Drilling Controls, Inc., a worldwide oilfield manufacturing and service company. He is now one of the country’s leading experts on compliance, risk management, and corporate governance.

Tom is the author of the international best-selling books “Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics” and “Best Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act” as well as ten other books, including his series Fox on Compliance. His seminal work on the design, creation, and implementation of a best practices compliance program is Doing Compliance, was published by Compliance Week in October 2015. His most recent book is 2016 – The Year in Corporate FCPA Enforcement: Cardinal and Provident was released in May 2017. He is an internationally recognized speaker on corporate compliance programs. 

Tom leads the social media discussion on compliance with his award-winning blog, The FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and seven podcasts; The FCPA Compliance Report, Compliance into the Weeds, Everything Compliance, This Week in FCPA, 12 O’clock High-a Podcast on Business Leadership, One Month to Operationalizing Your Compliance Program series and Unfair and Unbalanced-with Roy Snell


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