International Privacy Day is this Week! Linnea Solem Explains How a Compliance Program Can Work.

Talking about privacy is always a good thing.  Linnea Solem is Chief Privacy Officer and Vice-President for Risk & Compliance for the Deluxe Corporation.  Over 20 years, Linnea has lead a mature and strong program at Deluxe.  Both in electronic records and on factory floors, employees at Deluxe have contact with sensitive information producing checks and business marketing materials.  Across geographies and technologies, Deluxe has risen to the challenges of keeping sensitive information private.

There needs to be more context about information governance and use as the sheer quantity of data explodes exponentially with further advances in technology. Understanding how data is collected and what it will be used for can be a strategic issue for many companies putting resources into collecting of data that they are not sure they can use.  In some companies a lack of information governance prevents using important data due to privacy concerns but also due to technical barriers that were unwittingly set up in an uncontrolled environment.

As Chief Privacy Officer and Vice President for Risk & Compliance for Deluxe, Linnea Solem is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the data privacy, business risk & compliance strategy and governance framework for Deluxe Corporation.  High-energy and confident, Linnea is a frequent speaker at industry associations, including the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Shared Assessments Program events. 

Linnea entertains and engages audiences with insights that stem from her more than 25+ years in regulated industries managing cross-functional areas such as privacy program management, regulatory compliance, marketing compliance, risk management, due diligence, and consumer protection compliance.  She sets vision and direction for organizational readiness for compliance, including management reporting for executives, risk committees, including board of directors reporting.  

Linnea currently represents Deluxe on the Shared Assessments Program Governance having served as past Steering Committee Vice Chair and Chair of its Steering Committee and is currently co-chairing the Program’s Privacy committee & Regulatory Awareness Group.  She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional for the U.S. and Canada, maintains her Certified Privacy Manager certification and is a Certified Third Party Risk Professional.

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