How to Cultivate Empathy in Compliance Employee Training. Kate Bischoff Explains.

Kate Bischoff is back on the Masters of Disaster® podcast to give us useful information on employee training on compliance. Kate wants to employees to recognize compliance red flags and know who to go to when they see them. One of Kate’s favorite training tools is role playing and using real-life examples. Using these examples, Kate can cultivate empathy with her audience regarding the parties in the compliance scenario. 

We also discuss how to make training more interactive, and wonder if “Candy Crush” can be made into an effective training tool.

Kate Bischoff, JD, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, is the Managing Principal of tHRive Law & Consulting.  She understands compliance as a balancing act between finding what works for a business and what is compliant.  During her career, Kate has seen people do and say some goofy and inappropriate things in the workplace. Regardless, she remains inspired by the many people doing their best to make an organization great. Kate is a frequent speaker on compliance topics. She also works with some of the most innovative companies using the best in cutting-edge techniques and technology to grow.

Kate Bischoff
tHRive Law & Consulting

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