It Is Now Inexcusable to Have a Check-the-Box Compliance Program; Jay Rosen Explains [PODCAST]

Jay Rosen is back on the Masters of Disaster podcast. He celebrates five years of working in the compliance and ethics industry and has seen many changes to the industry during this time.  

Jay explains two basic areas where compliance has changed:

1.    Consolidation of service providers to be the one-stop shop for general solutions for compliance programs. Compliance officers should keep an eye on how they can benefit from specialist service providers who may have more context about relevant businesses.

2.    More information on what government believes an effective compliance program looks like is now available from the DOJ and SEC. It is now clear that a check-the-box paper compliance program is insufficient.

We discuss the significance of internal controls and other actions companies need to take to create a culture of compliance beyond implementing tools and hiring compliance service providers. We discuss reputational risks in the marketplace and within the company with employees.

We even talk a little politics, but not too much. (Everyone gets more political talk than is healthy these days.)

Jay Rosen works for Merrill Brink International and assists global companies with foreign language based investigations of potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) exposure, patent and IP litigation, and import/export compliance and cross-border matters. 
Jay has the experience to guide clients through both the best practices and pitfalls of translation solutions. He helps businesses and representative counsels understand how and when to save on translation costs while minimizing business risk, essentially helping them navigate the appropriate ways to take advantage of cost-effective resources while ensuring the highest quality certified translations when necessary. 

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