What Small Changes Can Improve Compliance? Nicole Rose Discusses the Answer in Compliance with Attitude

The skills and requirements needed for compliance roles have evolved in the last several years.  Often compliance professionals were originally trained in lawyers or auditors. Today compliance professionals need to use creativity to persuade and engage company employers and executives to be effective.  

Nicole discusses how we can all use creativity to add to our roles in compliance. She wrote the book Compliance with Attitude to express her point of view on creativity and compliance.  She explains that small changes can mean substantial results in compliance and improve our lives.

What can we do within our work life that can make the company better? Nicole Rose is a rare blend of lawyer, artist and trainer. She took the phrase “a picture says a thousand words” and combined it with 20 years of experience as a lawyer and trainer with my love of art and illustration. 

Nicole is an avid writer and write articles and thought leadership pieces that blend her passion for neuroscience and creativity with law and compliance. She regularly writes for leading compliance publications such as The FCPA Blog, the SCCE and Ethics Intelligence and, of course, her very own Ethics Corner.

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Nicole Rose is CEO of Create Training