Compliance Training ROI, Joel Smith Explains How to Measure It

Doing a training return on investment analysis can help secure your compliance training budget. Joel Smith explains how to use this tool to bolster the persuasiveness for the budget with a measurable system. The first step is defining the benefit you want to measure. Going through an ROI calculation is also important for better decision-making on the effective use of compliance resources.

Joel is a corporate attorney and founder of InHouseOwl, a provider of compliance training services, and the Corporate Counsel Training Tips LinkedIn Group. He has always enjoyed explaining difficult concepts to people in easy-to-understand terms. To him, this is the basis of being an effective teacher. Because Joel wanted to be an effective teacher as Corporate Counsel, he dove into the best available research on employee training.  He brings the best in training research to others on his InHouseOwl blog.

Joel Smith
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How to Calculate Training ROI (Part 1 of 2) 
How to Calculate Training ROI (Part 2 of 2)