Infographics for Compliance Training: Interview with Ricardo Pellafone of Broadcat

Ricardo Pellafone is Founder and Creative Director at Broadcat, a legal services firm making legal and compliance accessible to non-lawyers. Broadcat makes simple, graphic content that helps employees learn their legal and compliance obligations in seconds through visual content and infographics without having to sit in front of a computer or a training room. In graphics, Ricardo matches the risks with real tasks people need to perform, simplifying the message that needs to be delivered and allowing information to be quickly absorbed.

Simplifying compliance content is not easy. It takes mastery of the legal content to tell people what they need to do to support compliance. In this interview, Ricardo explains what needs to be considered in to create effective training, in addition to enjoyable training. We also discuss governance of compliance programs and the difference between “communication” and “training.” Ricardo also gives listeners the very good advice to get out from behind their desks as much as possible to get to know the business people directly.

Broadcat can make learning about suspicious invoices simple and enjoyable. Also, do not miss Ricardo’s interview with Compliance and Ethics Professional, a copy of the interview is available here.   Below is a chart about the Yates memo.

Ricardo Pellafone is a former Associate General Counsel WD, a Western Digital Compan,y where he built out WD's compliance investigations program and drove the content for communications and media efforts. He was also the first global compliance lawyer for the Mubadala Group, a job that was more fun than the phrase "compliance lawyer" suggests, leading investigations for a sovereign wealth company in Abu Dhabi.

Ricardo Pellafone