[PODCAST] Barbara Guthrie of UL explains new safety standard for hoverboards.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. announced February 2, 2016 a new safety standard for hoverboards.  This announcement came only 8 weeks from the time videos of hoverboards catching fire went viral on the internet, galvanizing industry to come up with a way to allow hoverboards to be sold safely on the U.S. market. On February 18, the CPSC declared all hoverboards pose an unreasonable safety risk to consumers unless they meet specific Underwriters Laboratory (UL) requirements found in the new UL standard.

This week, Barb Guthrie, Vice President and Chief Public Safety Officer for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., speaks with Masters of Disaster about the new UL standard for hoverboards, UL 2272, now also required by the CPSC.  Barb’s interview follows last week’s interview with Tim Cassidy on the risks found in lithium ion batteries.

A graduate electrical engineer, Barb Guthrie, began testing and certifying products over 30 years ago.  Obtaining her MBA, Barb facilitated reciprocity agreements contributing to the global trade of certified products.  She moved to Denmark serving as Executive Director European Operations establishing testing laboratories throughout Europe. Upon returning to the US, Barb combined her engineering, standards development and conformity assessment expertise with the mindset of a dedicated mom to create, design and execute UL’s global youth safety education program - Safety Smart® in partnership with The Walt Disney Company.

Barb serves on various Boards including ANSI, ESFI, Health World Museum, Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, Liberty Mutual, Bradley University and chair’s UL’s Consumer Advisory Council.  Barb is Vice Chair and Corporate Fellow for the UL William Henry Merrill Society and was the 2015 recipient of the Kids in Danger Best Friend Award.

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UL 2272 Press Release http://ul.com/newsroom/featured/uls-involvement-in-hoverboard-certification/

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