Resiliency Critical to Business in the “Internet of Things” World - Laurence Guihard-Joly, General Manager, IBM Resiliency Services

When business services depend on millions of products and sensors connected to the internet, the importance of a system that works 24/7 increases dramatically.  Outages will still happen, and natural disasters cannot be stopped, but anticipating these disasters can change how systems accommodate these risks to remain operational, seamlessly.  

For example, in the shipping industry when a storm or a strike closes the port of Los Angeles, shippers might all re-route to Seattle, but this could cause delays as Seattle can overload with new shipping traffic. Shippers use predictive data analytics to find the best alternative route with the fewest delays.  Shippers become more resilient with the use of data to anticipate the actions of other shippers. 

IBM’s Resiliency services take a similar approach to risks in business in the continuously, rapidly dynamic nature of the internet of things. 

Laurence Guihard-Joly is the General Manager of the IBM Resiliency service line, leading resiliency teams across the world who provide services and solutions to help IBM clients manage their risks in an increasingly “always on” world.  Within the IBM Enterprise Risk Management, Laurence also leads the IBM Business Continuity Management program, with a dedicated team and a leadership BCM community across all IBM business units and corporate functions & processes.

Laurence earned the Scientific Graduation, and her Master from Lille Business University, France. She joined a Consulting organization in 1983, before joining IBM in Paris in 1984. Laurence and her husband reside in NY, USA since 2003 with their two boys.


IBM Resiliency Services

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