[PODCAST] Eran Kahana: A Holistic Approach to Data Security and Privacy Laws is Required in the Internet of Things Age.

The “Internet of Things” (also commonly known as IoT), is here. IoT is also continuously growing. The IoT is not a single event; it grows exponentially with the addition of sensors gathering data and the addition of products connected to the Internet. The increasing computer processing power predicted by Moore’s law continues. Faster and more complicated data analysis becomes possible that promises unprecedented benefits to humanity and commerce.

However, the increasing complexity of IoT also multiplies the vulnerabilities open to hackers. For all of the promise of Internet of Things, IoT also presents an unprecedented and continuously shifting security and privacy challenges. What does the law have to say about these challenges?

Eran Kahana is a cybersecurity, intellectual property lawyer at the law firm of Maslon LLP in Minneapolis and a Fellow at Stanford Law School. He counsels clients on a wide variety of matters related to cybersecurity, technology law, trademarks, patents, copyright and serves in a variety of cybersecurity thought leadership roles.

Eran explains in his interview on Masters of Disaster that no single law prescribes what a reasonable data security and privacy program should be that addresses all the challenges of IoT. Rather, building such a program requires both a thorough understanding and holistic view of a multitude laws, regulations, and standards that speak to the collection, storage, processing and security of personally identifiable data. This program can be built using a hybrid law/regulations/standards approach, but only with a thorough understanding of the nuances between the laws/regulations/standards.


In addition to his work at Maslon and with Stanford Law School, Eran works closely with the FBI, DOJ, Secret Service and colleagues from the private and academic sectors to promote and sustain cybersecurity best practices. He also serves as a director on the Executive Board of Directors and as general counsel of InfraGard (MN Chapter). At Stanford, Eran writes and lectures on the intersect between law and artificial intelligence. He has been interviewed on cybersecurity, privacy and technology law at Bloomberg Law, BBC, KABC Radio, Minnesota Public Radio, TheStreet.com and Stanford University Radio, KZSU FM.


Eran Kahana