Cell Phones to Hoverboards: Tim Cassidy Explains the Complexity and History of Managing the Risks of Lithium Ion Batteries

When hoverboards catching on fire becomes the joke of a Saturday Night Live sketch, you know a safety issue has hit a nerve in popular culture.  

This week Tim Cassidy, a lithium battery expert in consumer electronics, is featured on Masters of Disaster to give listeners more context about the complexity and history of managing safety risks with Lithium Ion Batteries.  This interview was conducted before the February 18 CPSC announcement that declares all hoverboards pose an unreasonable safety risk to consumers unless they meet specific Underwriters Laboratory (UL) requirements.

Tim Cassidy is Director of Product Safety and Compliance at Best Buy. A former colleague of mine at Best Buy, Tim is a leader with over 20 years of proven business process development skills, technology experience, market and new product development expertise. He bridges the gap between market and technical perspectives in new product development.

Tim Cassidy timothy.cassidy@bestbuy.com
SNL sketch https://youtu.be/pgCi-a6PyBA
CPSC February 18 Letter http://www.cpsc.gov/Global/Business-and-Manufacturing/Business-Education/SelfbalancingScooterLetter.pdf?epslanguage=en