How Compliance Can Connect with Employees with Creativity and Fun! Ronnie Feldman Explains [PODCAST]

Ronnie Feldman is the President & Creative Director of Learnings & Entertainments, a creative service and content provider focused on improving employee engagement through the power of fun!  Ronnie explains how to bring fun to compliance training.  No, really, it’s true! 

•    Infuse training with creativity to be interesting
•    Use content to make critical information memorable
•    Be aware of how the training experience reinforces the brand of the compliance team
•    Use empathy to make training more effective
•    Do not be afraid that not everyone will like your creative vision
•    Surprise and delight are powerful

Ronnie has an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and an improv comedy background. He has spent the better part of the past 25 years playing in the entertainment and learning space. Ronnie believes that the philosophies of improvisation can help make you a better person, that the Chicago Cubs will win a world series in 2016, and that napping should be an Olympic sport.  He takes great pride in finding creative ways to solve business problems using humor, improvisation, and fun. 


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