Ethics is Not the Only Tool Compliance Needs, Matt Kelly Explains [Podcast]

Matt Kelly discusses the emerging pressures on compliance professionals. Being able to show what the company compliance and ethics activities are is the new challenge of compliance.  We also discuss how monitoring compliance can be a lot like losing weight.

How information is extracted out of company systems and reporting to leadership is an ongoing struggle. He distinguishes the benefits of an ethical culture from compliant business operations. Many things need to come together for controls to work well.

Matt Kelly is the founder of Radical Compliance.  He provides consulting and commentary on corporate compliance, audit, governance, and risk management. Radical Compliance also serves at the personal blog for Matt Kelly, the long-time (and now former) editor of Compliance Week. 
Matt writes and speaks on corporate compliance, audit, and governance. He works with clients to develop go-to-market strategies. Radical Compliance also provides other help to reach audiences of compliance professionals.

Matt Kelly
Radical Compliance