4 Ways Continuous Improvement is Essential to an Effective Compliance Program. Stephen Kasloff Explains [PODCAST]

Stephen Kasloff is Director and Senior Advisor of Compliance & Ethics Solutions LLC and an expert in how continuous improvement is vital to compliance programs. As Stephen explains, continuous improvement is essential to identifying, assessing and managing risks over time. Without continuous improvement, an organization cannot effectively assess or react to the facts as they change over time.  

Continuous improvement is essential as a:

1.    Legal Requirement

  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines require periodic reviews of compliance and ethics programs to identify new risks and correct deficiencies. The action items that emerge from the assessment process is continuous improvement.

2.    Insurance Policy

  • Continuous improvement creates a way to make the program more effective by addressing risks that arise over time.  
  • A compliance program that includes a continuous improvement process is more credible.
  • Continuous Improvement is proactive in avoiding and managing risks.

3.    Business Benefit

  • The more risk intelligent the business is to risk, the stronger the business can be in reaching its goals.

4.    Cultural Benefit

  • Continuously showing ethical and compliant behavior strengthens a culture of compliance.
  • Offers greater opportunities for employee buy-in to an ethical culture of compliance through action with continuous improvement.

STEPHEN I. KASLOFF, ESQ. is Director and Senior Advisor of Compliance & Ethics Solutions LLC, which provides consulting services in compliance and ethics risk assessment as well as program development. Mr. Kasloff has been working in the field of organizational ethics for more than two decades, having served as the ethics officer of one of the world’s largest security services firms and leading that company’s nationally recognized, award winning corporate ethics program. He directed the organization’s industry-leading quality management program registered to the global gold standard ISO 9001:2008, the international benchmark for quality.    
Mr. Kasloff has played an active role in national ethics organizations, and has taught and lectured on business ethics at Pennsylvania State University and the Philadelphia Bar Association – where he served as a CLE instructor in business ethics and Bridge the Gap – the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Memphis and other venues. 
He has been a judge of the American Business Ethics Awards and the Better Business Bureau Jerry Myers Best Practices Award; been honored by the Ethics Resource Center – the nation’s oldest ethics advocacy NGO – for his service in its leading edge Fellows Program, a roundtable of senior ethics practitioners representing the corporate, academic, government and non-profit sectors; and served the private security industry as a Board Member and First Vice Chair of the National Association of Security Companies, NASCO.

Previously, Mr. Kasloff served as Counsel to the Rules Committee of the City Council of Philadelphia and Special Counsel to a member of that body. He earned his baccalaureate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar and of the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.

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