[Podcast] James Kehoe: The Business Case for Compliance

Compliance professionals are ingenious problem solvers who help their businesses thrive in today’s regulatory environment. Too often the contributions of compliance professionals go unappreciated due to poor communication of the value of what they bring to the bottom line. 

My interview for this week’s episode of Masters of Disaster is with James Kehoe who shares with us his experience with the business case for compliance.  Although the field of James’ work is product regulation, his experience provides an understandable example of the basic problem of measuring the value of compliance in many other fields.

James Kehoe is a product manager at Compliance and Risks and currently has responsibility for the C2P product. Compliance & Risks provides innovative online tools that deliver the most timely and accurate global regulatory intelligence for consumer products. 

James has over ten years’ experience, working in various strategic and consultative roles in engineering, project management, and business development in companies including General Electric and NECL. He also co-founded Policy Impact Assessment, a software start-up aimed at helping organizations understand how legislative changes affect commercial interests.


James Kehoe
Compliance and Risks