[PODCAST] Carole Switzer: Movement from “Tone at the Top” towards Principled Performance

Carole Switzer is the President of the Open Compliance & Ethics Group (OCEG), a global nonprofit think tank that provides standards, guidelines and online resources to help organizations achieve Principled Performance - the reliable achievement of objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. 

Traditionally, compliance programs were seen as a combination of “people + process + technology” with the “people” portion of the equation focused exclusively on ethical principles and “tone at the top.” Today, “people” also needs to include the skill sets and capabilities of the people in the organization, in addition to ethical principles.

Ms. Switzer is a recognized global leader in GRC. She holds a GRC Professional Certification (GRCP) from GRC Certify, is frequently published in leading business magazines, and lectures on GRC internationally. In 2010, she was honored with a lifetime membership in the Institute for Risk Management. 

Ms. Switzer directed development of the OCEG Framework, including the open source OCEG Red Book GRC Capability Model, of which she is a principal author, and the accompanying GRC Assessment Tools (known as the Burgundy Book). 

Over the past decade, Ms. Switzer has presented the concepts of Principled Performance and GRC to audiences throughout the world, speaking to groups such as the International Conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors, the Italian Banking Association, The Caribbean Compliance Association, RIMS, the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, the Congress of Latin American Auditors, and events and training sessions throughout the U.S. and in, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, and elsewhere. She is a regular columnist in Compliance Week magazine and advises business school professors in several countries on teaching GRC.


Carole Switzer


On-demand webcast mentioned in the interview http://www.oceg.org/event/building-a-better-grc-resume/