[PODCAST] Kemal Balioglu: Disasters Are More Ordinary Than Originally Thought

Human beings have a natural bias to believe that disasters will not happen to them. The name “disaster” implies an unusual event, not something that happens in ordinary life.  

In this interview, Kemal Balioglu explains why disaster recovery for IT systems is needed for more ordinary events than the term “disaster” implies.  Frequently companies have a skewed perception of the value of disaster recovery services due to common misperceptions about the risk.  Why spend money on a disaster recovery system that is non-revenue generating?

What can take an IT system down can be as simple as a local rodent taking up residence in an electrical transformer.  It is not a matter if a “disaster” will strike, it is when and how often.  Precautionary measures like a disaster recovery system can prevent the very real and expensive impact to a business from lack of access to its IT systems and data centers.

Kemal Balioglu is Vice President of Products at Quorum, a California based company that sells Disaster Recovery products as local appliances and in the cloud. Kemal has more than 15 years of global leadership in the software industry at companies ranging from startup phase to Fortune 100 and in various domains including automation, security, energy management, and data protection.

Kemal holds a M.S. EE from Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany).


Quorum: http://www.quorum.net/
Kemal’s LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kemalbalioglu


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