[PODCAST] Kathleen Edmond: The Devil is in the Data

Data and metrics in ethics and compliance are becoming more important, but are also hard to find.  How do you measure the number of times a disaster did not happen? Still, board audit committees tend to value data-based storytelling, and using more data is necessary to keep compliance and ethics adequately resourced. Kathleen Edmond is featured on today’s podcast to explain her perspective on the problem of data for compliance and ethics practitioners.

Kathleen Edmond is a partner in the law firm of Robins Kaplan LLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Kathleen helps companies of all sizes build effective compliance and ethics strategies and assess ongoing compliance efforts. She serves as counsel for large company chief ethics and compliance officers (CECO), on call and interim CECO for mid-sized companies, and advisor to entrepreneurs and small/ growing companies. After working in compliance and business ethics for most of her legal career, Kathleen believes that a company-wide, culturally-specific approach best addresses the challenges created by today’s compliance environment. By melding her compliance and ethics experience with a highly developed ability to discern key cultural components, Kathleen helps clients develop their vision for ethics and business conduct and create meaningful corporate social responsibility strategies.

Kathleen is recognized in the ethics and compliance field for leading edge communications and transparency and she has a proven reputation as a thought leader for instilling organizational courage and integrity. She has become a sought after speaker on ethics, compliance and governance topics and she has presented at multiple key compliance seminars and conferences. She is also the recipient of numerous awards for her innovation and leadership in the field.


Kathleen Edmond

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